About Me

So, hi. If you clicked this you probably want to know a  little bit about me. I'll start with the basics:

I am Andy West's correspondent, Jhon Gorme.

I bike around and take pictures of the places I travel to. I also write stories and I was previously the Associate Editor of a school publication. I am part of a choir called the Marian Choir of Cavite and I regularly sing at the second, fourth and fifth Sunday masses of the Imus Cathedral and I serve as a member of any joined choirs that the Diocese of Imus organizes.

I am a fervent catholic but I do not believe that enforcing one's beliefs on one person is right.

I love history. For one, my main interest is anything related with the past. They fascinate me. I am also member of a the Special Creative Team of a wonderful group that cares about the country's heritage: The Heritage Conservation Society Youth. In my spare time I spend my time writing or staying at remarkable ancient places or locations that are relatively new.

For now, that is all.