Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's Up, Cavite?

Election fever kicks in as the traditional mud-slinging of candidates push through, with flyers full of dirty accusations and un-founded statements fill the streets and highways of Cavite. Alleyways, billboards, walls, buildings and houses are being posted and plastered with posters, stickers and canvasses with the politician's names and pictures: Some of them doing so "the wrong way" as Comelec issued a resolution declaring guidelines that have been oh-so violated by what locals call "Epals"

Recently, me... as a contributor to the fight against rule violations of politicians and to ensure a better elections and prevent things like the first picture (which shows a blatant violation of the regulation), was confronted by what I shall call a "loyalist." 

Our talk went as follows: I was biking and taking pictures of violations when I spotted a violation, two posters of a city council candidate on the very window of the local barangay hall, an act disobeying the Commission on Elections ruling on that matter. I approached the poster, took out my camera, and that was when three men inside the facility spotted me. The people there tried to take my camera, which resulted in a debate between a legality of my actions and the man's concept of his power.

So pathetic for that man.

In this case, the lawmen themselves do not know what the law is and, in trying to keep their concept of the law and of their power, they harass people who really know the law and the people who try to enforce them. They used brute power on me, something that I will always condemn. But I did not reciprocate, I used my words and the power of my freedom to post the whole conversation on Facebook, leaving out his name as a final mercy  for him. 

How Barangay Officials Handle Situations In Bacoor

Me: *Taking pictures of Comelec Poster Resolution Violations in Barangay Hall*
Barangay Councilor: Sir, para saan po iyan? *forcibly tries to grab my camera*
Me: Bakit? Bawal po ba?
Barangay Councilor: Nakuhaan nyo na eh, delete mo. *Tries to take hold of my camera*
Me: Sir, Private Property po yan at di nyo maari yang gawin sa akin ng walang pahintulot at walang dahilan.
Barangay Councilor: Taga saan ka ba? Ire-report kita. Councilor ako dito.
Me: Bakit? Ano pangalan mo?
Barangay Councilor: Ako nagtatanong. Taga-saan ka?
Me: Panapaan 5. Eh paano ko malalaman kung talagang tauhan ka dito?
Barangay Councilor: Sino Barangay Captain n'yo?
Me: Jorwin Revilla. Kapatid ni Jordana. Yung naka-wheelchair.
Barangay Councilor: Eh, para saan ba yang kinukuhaan mo?
Me: Paano ko'ng sinabi ko na hobby ko ang photography?
Barangay Councilor: Yun naman pala eh.
Me: *tries to take pictures*
Barangay Councilor: *blocks the way* Ako nga pala si Barangay Councilor _____.

Happened today. Justinville/Panapaan VII, Bacoor City, Cavite.