Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Silang: The Food Bastion (Part One)

We arrived in Silang at around three in the afternoon, after several grueling hours of traffic (actually just an hour of traffic brought about by some funeral marches in Silang's two-lane road) and smoke. It was quite a relief, though, that the town was cool during this time of the year, a little Baguio in the South. 

Just as we were nearing the town proper, we noticed an abundance in food places; ranging from restaurants to cafes to small eateries that serve local delicacies, one of it is the local favorite, Sizzling Sisig, probably springing from the large number of farms in Silang and its nearby farms, giving its nickname meaning.

Our first destination in Silang, however, was no normal eatery. Unlike the majority of restaurants that serve local delicacies we went to Kojiro

The front part of KOJIRO


Also known as the Kojiro Snack and Food House (or Kakko Warui Kojiro Ojiisan) is a Japanese Restaurant located in  M. Belen St. Poblacion II (PUTOL), Silang, Cavite. From the town proper, the snack house is just a small walk away. The snack house is quite small, with just around seven tables. Wooden interiors and the cool weather gives it an aura of eating in some small family-owned restaurant in rural Japan. 

The NAPOLITAN SPAGHETTI, A small pan fried spaghetti dish generously topped with mozzarella cheese
and egg as its base (Php 80.00) 
NABE YAKI RAMEN, A delightfully tasty hot pot ramen dish (Php 100.00)
The dishes were quite sumptuous, despite its extremely cheap prices, making it a no brainer that people, students and workers alike, were flocking to the restaurant. The Nabe Yaki Ramen is a delicious dish mixed with corn and vegetables swimming in tasty broth. The dishes were a delightful treat for both the eyes and the palate. The snack house's specialty, though, is not the ramen nor the spaghetti but it's small yet yummy Koroke

The KOROKE, the most famous specialty of Kojiro (Php. 12.00/pc.)
Koroke or Japanese Croquettes is a simple potato deep fried treat garnished with seasoning and what I assume is Japanese Mayonnaise. If you ever go to Silang I do highly recommend this place. Cars are not allowed in the street portion leading to Kojiro, however, so you may need to find another nearby parking place, which may be quite hard since road spaces are actually limited. 

(Random note and blog bloopers: there's another nearby local eatery that proudly announces that it serves Ramen in the same street as Kojiro. Thinking it was Kojiro, I quickly entered the place, only to be surprised that it wasn't the place I was looking for.)


 #87 B. Reyes St. Poblacion II (PUTOL), Silang, Cavite

Open from Sunday to Friday, 12:00-7:30 PM, 
last orders for the day will be taken at 7:00 PM

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