Monday, August 12, 2013

Immaturity and "Nationalism"


We take pride as a nation from the accomplishments of some. Yes. There is something wrong with that.

Now, not everything is. We can claim that we are proud of them and that we support them as representatives of our nation but why is it that all of that support and pride in our athletes only appears when the athletes are winning? Where were we when they were still struggling to train? Yes. We can be proud of our race, but not for this reason alone. 

The immaturity part, now, hails from the fact that there are is a majority among this nation that chose to seek revenge by bullying the winners of the recent game between Smart Gilas (Representing the Philippines) and The Iranian National Team, they themselves working hard for their accomplishments, and in bitterment have gone to extremes by attacking the other team by insulting them. 

Why is it that there are some of us that act like kids? Where is our "pride"? What "pride" do we have now that there is a majority among us who lack sportsmanship?


On another note... there is something wrong with how racist some of us are -- how biased we tend to become. We hate it when other nations bash us but we feel pride when we defend our nationalism by insulting a single race due to a basketball game? Seriously? When did we have a right to call names and bully other nations? 

Does being nationalistic equate to us downing our fellow humans because of their race?
WE NEED REAL PRIDE AS A NATION. One that does not insult other nations and is defended fairly. We need to be a nation that recognizes that we are all humans and that we should treat other nations with respect due to fellow humans. We need to be a nation with real nationalism, one that cares and loves and takes pride in one's race during all times, not only during the times we are down. We need to be a nation that stands up when we are down, not pull others down while we are down.

We need to change.


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