Saturday, September 21, 2013


It has been a long time since I've written on this blog. 

And maybe I should start writing here again with an overview of the things that have literally flooded every aspect of this country -- Pork Barrel rallies everywhere, a war in the South and the floods that left many homeless. What a whopper. And all these have things have one thing in common: The people have been turned to martyrs by their own leaders. 

The Pork Barrel rallies showed how the people are now waking up; the masses now cry for reforms and they are now very much awake, aware and critical of the people they have "enthroned" to power. They do not want to be sacrificed for somebody's pleasure now. It is a pleasing thought, how the people now are critical thinkers and not mere usizeros (although the latter still exists) who relish and believe in every chismis they hear. 

But, of course, like all fads... things got forgotten really fast.

After the million people march in Luneta, the people started to lay low again and watch telenovelas. 

We see the thieves roaming around, not inside jails, but inside the sacred halls of the Congress and Senate! And it's a pity. At this rate of the investigations, the hype is just going to die down and the judiciary is just waiting for that moment when the amnesia of the masses settle in.


On another note, we have floods. 

We have been having them for glob-damned decades now, centuries even. And why does no one ever try to make and act on it? Last year, we had floods here in Bacoor City. The government then dug the nearby estero. Now we still have floods. 

Why? Because it still overflows. 

In Manila, a few minutes of rainfall will guarantee a flood. And for eons, no one responded on this issue. Asphalting won't solve this nor would wifi sheds ever be effective unless proper security is enforced in the bowels of the capital. What we need is an effective drainage system that goes to cleaned-up and squatter-free esteros of a plastic-free, pollution-free city. 

It's really nice to daydream, right?


Bonifacio would've loved change. He called for that a century ago. 

He was quite a martyr. Killed for his beliefs by people who hungered too much for power. Killed for exposing flaws in the system of the traitors. One must remember that the Aguinaldo Government was one voted for solely by the people of Cavite in Tejeros and that Supremo dismissed the proceedings upon the knowing of fraud and cheating in the elections. 

He was killed for planning an elections with the representatives of all the peoples of the revolution, knowing the the government that will lead the republic must be voted upon by all its people, not only by Cavite-citizens. He was a martyr for change and justice and I wonder now as then, could we look with hope for brighter and fight for it like he did?

I hope we could.

Let there be hope for this nation.


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