Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bulacan:Jump in! (Part Two)

Jump in!

Jump in to this extraordinary world of adventure!

The second part of the Lakad Pamana - San Rafael Tour is the Malangaan Spring and Cave. A popular cooling place for the locals, the blue-green pristine pool is surrounded by massive rocks that serve as a jump-off point for the daring.

Even the kids would jump in. 

The spring is surrounded by nipa huts that serve as cottages. A cottage costs 150 Pesos each. Shops selling local delicacies such as the Halo-Halo (highly recommended) abound in the area. Karaoke machines, a common thing in most resorts, are also available for rent in the area. 

For those with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, a short walk from the area is a trail leading to the cave and the nearby mountains. 

Who would suspect that this paradise is just hours away from the bustling metropolis?

 The place is full of incredibly fascinating formations. The local fauna also is worth the sweat. Taking plants, however, is discouraged. Local guides abound in the area and is probably better than having a guide with you, so as to support the folk who live in the area whose only means of earning money is through tours in the area. Flashlights are provided but it is best to bring extras with you.

Some of the mountains, however, succumbed to the demands of man. The scars of quarrying are still visible in most of them.

One only needs good imagination to come up with interesting names for the formations.  The trek is fairly easy but taking using a pair of good shoes is best when attempting this trek. Bring a bottle or two of water also, some parts of the trail are exposed to the harsh beating of the sun's heat. But the heat and the tiring trek is worth it. Once you finish squeezing in through caves and rocks, one is rewarded with an amazing view of the mountains of Bulacan (and its nearby provinces) and make you feel like a true wanderer. 

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