Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Can you C what I C? A review of Juana C. The Movie

Comedy as always is the key to the heart of the Filipino

It is so evident in the films that gain popularity in today's silver screen: Ranging from fantasy films and drama interlaced with humor to the slapstick comedy of the yesteryears. It lives, it is praised and it is remembered by the countless of the youth and the old alike. We even praise the kings of the art of comedy! But it is very rare that a film so filled with humor would scream the harsh realities at your face at the same time.

Juana C. The Movie is probably the most perfect comedy for my taste. It truly is. With its frank description of the political scene and of how we Filipinos truly are. It calls for action beyond the theatre and makes you feel the need to make a change in a society that has lost all hope for change. Frankly, it caters the taste for humor of the typical Filipino (as judged by the laughter of my sister) and the part that looks for something deeper, something more behind all this comedy... though I particularly regret how only a few are watching this film.

It just says we need change: both in our ways and in our society... and our taste for films. How I wish all films were like this!

It is not shallow. It is more than a movie about laughs. And for that, I love it. Kudos to the people behind this film!