Saturday, June 29, 2013

This Gap: The growing indifference of the people

We have become indifferent.

There's no denying this... that there is this large majority among us that has turned blind and deaf with the plight of the people around us, especially the things that our poor brethren face in their daily. The society has taught us, as always, to be insensitive and to justify our actions by saying that they may just be con artists; thieves who use deceit to steal. In a world were we don't give a damn about others and only care only about our own needs, what could you expect?

There is this large lack of love, a large gap in our compassionate actions; we choose who to help, who to understand and who to share our pain with -- things that command that we help only those we can trust in this country so ironically called as the only "Christian" country in this region surrounded by peoples of different beliefs... a twist that just says that we are a people that's full of talk but lacks in any action. Religion aside, Christian or not, why do we not care about the people around us?

We say do this, share this, give this and that to help... but behind this mask of "kindness" what have we become? We only help the poor when everyone is looking at us, judging our every movement but when the spotlight is gone, how many among us could shed a light in this dark alley of hunger? We only help the people that we consider as friends, but how many among us care about the outcasts, those faces that we see each day but don't even bother to know?

We only care when people see.
How blind have we become!

We only hear once the worst has come.
How deaf of us!

We only act when disaster has struck... when the visible disaster has happened. But, beyond that, we make ourselves useless.

When will we change?