Saturday, June 8, 2013

What's left?

T'was confirmed: They're saving the theater, but not the building.

The theater, with its near perfect acoustics, has long been the beloved home of the artists: singers and actors, will be "saved" by the company that bought the place. "Save" is too big a word, who knows what their plans really are after news broke out that SMDC, the property arm of the largest mall chain in the country, is planning and going to build another condo in the heart of the metro.

For what? Do we not have enough condominiums? And can a condominium match the beauty of the present one there? 

The building will be torn down. That modern looking building from the 1960s that was once featured in an architecture magazine in it's glory days due to its wonderful design that incorporates a harmony between the metal of industry and the greenery of nature will be gone forever and be replaced by the generic looking condo that SM is too proud of: I wonder, now that this will be a condo, will they even make it a decent looking condominium?

Because they build boxes to live in, not beautiful homes but boxes. 

In my train of thought, when the condos reign in the metro, what character would we have? Will we be someday be a city without character, no colorful past nor soul? Will we be soon known as the city of boxes? Or will we, truly, continue our march into becoming the real "Gates of Hell" described in Dan Brown's "Inferno."

So now, I say, good-bye, Philamlife Building. And Hello, un-interesting condo-addition to the gates of hell.


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