Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flowing politics: The state of today

Why, oh, why would you start fixing the roads and making solutions to our flooding problems only when the need for it arises? 

The problem in our society is that we fail to foresee the future, and in doing so we are risking it for the pleasures (or problems) of now. We only act once the worse of the beast has shown itself, when the enemy has arrived and has carted its victims away and thus we are never truly prepared for anything. Look at Manila, the "great" capital of this dear country, it has been facing floods for decades now and still, there is no concrete action to fix this problem. 

And now, as always, there's always the blame game for every situation that arises: The people that prided themselves as heads and chairmen of departments pointing fingers at each other in the quest to finding the culprit! The drainage system of most of Manila, and probably the general islands of this country, are terribly inadequate to the amount of rainfall these areas face annually. Far too inadequate! 

Moving on, why do the problems persist? Or why in goth's sake do we fix the roads of Aguinaldo Highway over and over again at that very crucial area that dictates the outcome of the traffic in Cavite? Yearly, we do nothing! Or what we do is just not enough. Those living in esteros and the areas near it continue to throw waste to the waterways, the people continue on using plastic recklessly and we keep on using an inferior system in drainage. 

Wake up and smell the flood waters!