Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cloud Photography

Tips regarding Cloud Photography
One of the easier subjects above the Philippine soil is clouds. They are such beauties, lovely formations and lovely colors. And, as the head of Midsummer Daydreams photography my main subject is, besides travel and history, the sky.

Now, the sky is always beautiful, but do take these notes in mind:

1. When taking pictures of clouds try adding subjects in the foreground that will look dramatic when silhouetted against the clouds. They would add a dramatic tone.

2. Clouds are best photographed during warm, summer sunsets. Take note of the sky, though, because those clouds might mean possible rainfall. Bring umbrellas in case of this.

3. Focus on any unusual detail in the sky, fascinating shapes that form out of the sky.

4. ALWAYS keep your eyes peeled; Clouds change formation often. Never let the perfect opportunity pass by. 

Besides those tips, keep safe and be wary of any thieves that may abound in the area. If taking pictures in open areas such as fields, wear clothes that would prevent mosquitoes from biting you; malaria and dengue cases are high in this country. Happy clicking!

Photos taken by SOUTH BIKE
Midsummer Daydreams Film & Photography
Taken in the City of Kawit, Cavite, Philippines
March 13, 2013