Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's Up, Cavite!

Gekkonidae Maliksensis
He's still holding on isn't he?

Liberal Party Member, "Mayor" Maliksi still refuses to step down despite the order issued from the Supreme Court which was declared effective immediately. According to reports the issues have caused disturbances to the government system in Imus and that the citizens are terribly affected by it. However... Mayor Jose Ricafuerte, head of the Cavite Mayors league, has come to to DEFEND Maliksi in his bid for the mayoralty seat and has condemned Gov. Remulla's actions, saying that it is his actions that have caused this trouble.

His? Really?

Stop being a gecko, sir, there's a system here.

In any way, recent reports say that Bacoor City Council candidates have filed a motion with the Comelec to look into the templates that were uploaded on the Commission's official website. Chairman Brilliantes, however, released a statement saying that the ballots have been corrected and that the candidates need not to worry.