Friday, March 8, 2013


Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III

Read any Yahoo! or any GMA News Article posted on the internet and you'll see lots of Filipinos wailing at how unpatriotic the current President of this country is. Believe it or not, if the President suddenly said that he supports the cause of the Sultan he would be, effectively, be declaring a war against Malaysia -- which would then give them the right to attack any area of the Philippines as they see pleasing.

Sultan Jamalul Kiram III has mistaken in saying that the president has sided with the Malaysians. No. He is siding on a diplomatic and peaceful approach, something that hotheads and idiots would never understand. And I was never a pro-administration, I don't have biases regarding this issue, but the people I see here are just too ignorant of the fact that an all-out war would be condemned by the United Nations and that would put our economy backwards and would thus render many Filipinos jobless. Investors would not risk investing in a country that has the possibility of being attacked or is in a war.

Now, I believe that Sabah is ours, but the course of action taken by the Sultan and his men reflect a violent and shameful nature that would have been settled peacefully. Even he had said that he does not know what to do with Sabah once it is ceded to them. There are systems that exist; they are not there just to be ignored.

If we could take lands that we claim by force, what difference do we have from the Chinese that forcefully claims almost everything they want?