Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cuaresma: Holy Tuesday

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, gives a talk on the fundamentals of faith
"I believe in God."

The faithful flocked as a solemn air interlaced with the gentle laughter of a man so fondly called by many as "Bishop Chito", Cardinal Tagle went back to his home town for a lenten recollection Tuesday night to focus on the fundamentals of faith as professed in the Apostle's Creed. As the nation celebrates the lenten season, a mass confession was held outside the church, catering to the many who seek forgiveness and reconciliation in the Sacrament of Confession.

Smile: One of the definite qualities of the cardinal is his child-like smile
Traditionally, the Cardinal-Archbishop Tagle would lead the faithful yearly inside the Cathedral for a lenten recollection to discuss on the matters of the Catholic faith. Imus City, which was in chaos in the recent events in the nearby city hall, was discussed in most parts of the recollection... partially, with glancing remarks that did not sway from the theme of the night: The Apostles' Creed and the underlying message beneath it. 

Thousands attended the yearly recollection of the archbishop, laughing along with his incredible stories regarding his life experiences and his days as part of the cardinal-electors of the recent conclave that placed Pope Francis as the new head of the billions of the Catholic faithful. Interestingly, Tagle was one of the notable front-runners before the conclave was held.

He also told how he was elated to be one of the cardinal electors, saying that: 

"Of the millions of the catholic faithful I was chosen to be one of them. I was like a grain of sand picked out from a sandy shore of millions of the grains of the beach. And, who am I to be one of them? To be picked up and be one of the cardinal-electors?"
- Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle (Paraphrased and translated) 
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CUARESMA is a series on Filipino Catholic traditions during holy week.
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All pictures taken by the blogger in Imus Cathedral, Imus City, Cavite, Philippines 
March 27, 2013 - Holy Tuesday