Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to get there: Tejeros Convention Site (and other Cavite historical sites)

Aguinaldo Shrine
What's special about it?
The site for the declaration of Philippine Independence from Spain in 1898 under the dictatorship of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. Also is the home of said general and his family in the past. Currently a national park, the whole house has repetitive motifs of nationalism. It also houses a museum on the revolution and the province's culture. Emilio Aguinaldo, the First President of the country, is buried behind the house. The house is, in every way, cloaked with history. Do visit it during the country's independence day.

How to get there:
From Manila: 
Option 1. Drive through CAVITEX from the coastal road for a leisure ride, turn left at Tirona Highway. Some distance from that area is a marker showing directions towards the shrine. It's fairly straight ahead from there. 

Option 2. Drive through Aguinaldo Highway and turn left at Tirona Highway. Straight ahead are the signages leading to the shrine. This route is only favorable if you want to stop over first at SM Bacoor, a mall in that area.

Option 3. Ride a CAVITEX bus bound for Kawit, it would pass by that area.

From Cavite (South) 
Option 1. Ride a mini bus or jeep that has the signage Rosario/Salinas, it would pass by that area

There are local guides there that speak in English and/or the native languages.

Museum Hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays
8 AM to 4 PM

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
What's special about it?
The architecture is a good example of Spanish-era construction, the parish was said to be where General Emilio Aguinaldo was baptized and that a tunnel from his home leads to this place. For the pious, a life-size statue of the saint is housed there -- reputed to be miraculous by the locals in the area. It is one of the oldest surviving churches from the Spanish era, a great feast for the eye.

How to get there:
Follow the steps from the Aguinaldo Shrine guide. From there continue driving, the church is some meters away from that home.

Tejeros Convention Site
What's special about it?
The said birthplace of the Republic of the Philippines and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was formerly the rest house of Friars and made into the meeting place of then arguing factions of the Cavite revolutionary forces that ended in an election that made General Aguinaldo head of the new government, a move not approved by the current head then of the movement due to some other incidents. The ruins of the original structure are behind the new one. Dare to walk down and explore, see the tunnel that leads to the river nearby. 

It also houses statues/busts of the convention's famous participants.

How to get there:
Option 1. Ride a jeep or mini bus with signage boards with Rosario from Baclaran, the shrine is at the border of Rosario and General Trias City. 

Option 2. Ride a jeepney going to that area from Robinson's Place Dasma

Option 3. Drive through CAVITEX with the same route as the one going to Aguinaldo Shrine, the roads are littered with signs that point to the convention site. Word of caution, the area is particularly under heavy traffic.

Additional Tid-bits: You will pass by Binakayan's famous Josephine's Restaurant, they offer the most succulent food in the area. A must-try there is the Mutya ng Cavite, a chowder brimming with seafood and deliciousness. For a more Filipino taste, try Hidden Tapsihan that you will pass through if you take any route that passes by Aguinaldo Hi-way. It offers a delicious version of the famous Tapsihan, a dish close to the heart of every Filipino.