Monday, March 18, 2013

What's Up Cavite?

Fig. 1: Mighty Bond

So, wait... there's already already an order from BOTH the Commission of Elections and the Supreme Court of the Philippines (which is the highest court in the land) and you still can't vacate your post?

It's stranger than fantasy, but this "mayor" here doesn't want to obey this order! C'mon, I'm not an expert here but how can a ruling from a local court be higher than that from the "SUPREME" court of the whole country? 

The writ explicitly says to: “Emmanuel Maliksi … to cease and desist from discharging the powers and functions of the office of the mayor … and to relinquish and vacate the same in favor of … Homer Saquilayan to cause the peaceful and smooth turn-over of office.” and that “Wherefore you are hereby directed to immediately implement this writ of execution , with the assistance of Provincial Local Government Operations Officer, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)" 

And then here comes the people that say the execution of that said order was mistaken. Ho-hum! Weren't you mistaken when you didn't act upon that order immediately? Didn't you disobey the order yourself, Mr. Maliksi? An after note, there would not have been any trouble if you didn't let your "people" or "supporters" barricade the doors. This is not some Les Miserbles musicale. 

If I were you, I would have left that post and would wait for another order from the court. Period. Now you look just like power-hungry monger.

Oh, well, people... you know who not to vote for. 

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