Friday, March 8, 2013

Wheel of Fortune

The Marulas River
One of the things that echo the life of the common human is the life of the past. 
Why so? Because, I one would observe, there are times when a certain place -- say the river in the picture, which is the Marulas River of Kawit, is known and recognized as something special and essential to a certain place and then be marked as unimportant in the next which seems like the life of a certain man, General Emilio Aguinaldo, who he himself recognized the importance of this river in a past time, was looked up upon and vilified at different times of life.

As one man had said before, The only constant thing in life is change. 

An era ago, the waterways were the lifeblood of the cities and towns of the Philippines, bringing forth progress to the man-made centers of commerce, and the next they are nothing more but a length of water that has no other value than that of being something that of a waterway that separates land masses. Such is life, one time you're on the top and the next you're on the bottom. The only downside is the fact that people look over that glory and see only the dirty present, not realizing how significant one thing really is and was. 

The fact that some forget that things or places were important once is such a shame because they are the only bridges that we have at looking at what was and is our heritage, the bridges that connect our past with the present. Instead of developing bridges, we let them rot, or worse, we destroy them. And thus we are isolated, not knowing where to head because we have no guide anymore. 

History bits: The Marulas River was once a waterway commonly used by people of Cavite to go to Manila  and other islands on boats. This was also important in bringing goods to and fro from the towns in the south to the north and so forth. It is said that the first Philippine president used the river before in his youth. The river can be found at the back side of his home in Kawit. Like the waterways that made Manila a Venice of the South before, they lose significance with the increase of importance on roads and gradually lost the touch of usefulness afterwards. Now, it is home to the quiet of mangroves.